1 Strategy for Dealing with Envy

“Where do I want to channel my energy and attention next in creating something I desire in MY life?”

Ever experience a skosh of envy?

You’re sooo not alone.

Envy is a natural feeling as a part of our human design. When integrated in a healthy manner it propels us forward. It can be a driver toward goals and help us expand our capacity & potential– a big component of Self-leadership.

Envy is not to be ignored or repressed. It carries with it a powerfully protective function of wanting to keep you safe & connected to the structures and support you need to live & flourish. It offers up the opportunity for you to heal & restore.

The next time you find yourself coveting another gal’s accomplishments, outfit, attitude, bicep, promotion, furry friend, flexibility, groundedness or whatever … I want you to first embrace your real and oh-so understandable feelings.

Give your inner Baby Goddess a hug and say, “I get it! I get you. It’s okay to appreciate these things in another.”

Then… turn this “twinge of desire” mixed with a “dash of fear” into an empowering statement and say, “And I appreciate my Bad-ass Self too!”

Come on… Say it with me! “And I appreciate my Bad-ass Self too!”

Then, from a state of true appreciation for the Magical Being You Are, ask yourself,

“Where do I want to channel my energy and attention next in creating something I desire in MY life?”

Send me your answer when you’re done.


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As Linda shares,

“The positive impact of AmyK’s [coaching] in the business, my team, my leadership and my personal life has been tremendous! As you can imagine, post pandemic leading to the beginning of 2022, everything was at stake. Her principles, her pragmatic and driven approach, and her insights helped us drive our outcomes and exceed business goals. Our team over-delivered on our sales plans! Thank you AmyK…I so appreciate you!”
– Linda Shimazaki, Vice President, Brighton

Partnering with you is a joy, Linda!