2 Facts Every Biz Leader Needs to Know

Advance the Self-leadership and Emotional Intelligence skills of women executives and managers

Two facts every business leader needs to know in 2021.

#1. Companies with women leaders significantly increase net margins.*

* Leadership Research Institute

* Peterson Institute for International Economics

* McKinsey

#2. Firms with higher percentages of women leaders and managers are more innovative.*

* Accenture

* Global Leadership Forecast 2018

* Southern Denmark University

Which is why this September I’m launching the She Gets It Mastermind.

This Mastermind is a 9-week online program designed to advance the Self-leadership and Emotional Intelligence skills of women executives and managers because when we invest in women leaders we invest in a more innovative and profitable future.

This Mastermind experience is the culmination of the best, most effective tools I’ve shared to consistently transform lives.

We’re exploring questions such as:

  • How might I best align with my Essential Self and why does it matter to my own health, well-being and leadership style?
  • To whom do I give my power away, and better yet, how do I take it back?
  • How do I let go of the “second arrow” so I can move forward and make strong, confident decisions?
  • How might I best align my brilliance — at home, at work, and in my relationships?
  • How do I harness the fundamental currency of top performers for both internal and external gain?

Registration is open now until September 9th for $997 and I invite your women leaders to join us and set themselves up for leadership success.

When they join by August 24th they’ll receive a huge value-add as a thank you for committing early:

It’s a 5X bonus Q&A with me.

After five of the nine weekly classes, I’ll stay on for another hour to answer all their questions.

Think of it as an extended-stay, behind-the-scenes, after-hours to get even more support in their leadership success.

Yep, five additional hours of group coaching and consulting which is worth thousands of dollars.

It’s my gift to you and them for being a part of this inaugural Mastermind and committing to it early.

To join this amazing 9-week Self-leadership experience register by Thursday, September 9th and if registered by August 24th they can participate in the five bonus Q&A sessions with me.

I am so thankful for this opportunity to partner with you and advance your women leaders’ Self-Leadership and EQ, and I can’t wait to ignite their brilliance as a She Gets It Mastermind member!