2 Magical Phrases for Difficult Conversations

What am I a ninja at doing that I make it look so easy, even though it takes LOTS of practice?

My mind was blown away last night. Seriously. Poof. ?

I fell into the internet vortex b/c sleep eluded me.

I was peacefully scrolling through reels when I saw this woman folding a fitted sheet.

So PERFECTLY. Her skill made me click WATCH AGAIN. I was dumbfounded at how easily and precisely she did it. I watched it AGAIN.

And I thought: “Damn! There IS a solution. Why at 50 am I’m just seeing this now?!”

Aside: I CAN fold fitted sheets… if you don’t mind lumpy, bumpy and wrinkly.

She then preceded to fold it into a neat, super tight square.

At that point I knew she was just toyin’ with my emotions. 😉

I mean, is that EVEN possible? A neat little square? From a FITTED sheet?

Marie Kondo is probably her bestie or her competitor. 😉

But it all got me thinking… what’s my sheet folding skill?

What am I a ninja at doing that I make it look so easy, even though it takes LOTS of practice?

Hmmmm… opening a bottle of wine on Friday nights?!

More seriously… what’s a practice I’ve honed that makes others think I was born with this skill?

Communicating confidently.

I definitely wasn’t born with this skill! But now, I’m good at it. 10,000 [more like 100,000] hours of practicing, refining, and turning it into a perfectly neat, tidy and profitable conversation.

And this helps me help other people feel like ROCKSTARS as they bravely and courageously create the life they want… one conversation at a time.

Instead of that wicked fold she used to turn a rounded edge into a straight one, I use Magical Phrases to turn a tough conversation into a connected one.

Not everyone knows the easy way to navigate tough conversations.

But I’ve learned a few techniques over the years. And it’s an awesome, AWESOME Self-leadership skill, especially when we have those tough conversations at 3am with ourselves.

I’d love to give you the same kinda “Ah-ha” moment I experienced last night.

Watch this quick video to get one of my favorite Magical Phrases when you need to start a tough conversation.

To easier sheet folding and easier conversations.



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