3 great questions to encourage you to take a risk

Hey, there! AmyK here!

I’m in the middle of a huge move, and I came across 3 questions that I tore out of a magazine years ago.

They are great questions for encouraging us to step out and take a risk, even when it’s easier to avoid the discomfort.

Watch this quick video for some wise words to challenge your perspective and help you live your best life.



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I’m humbled and honored to share a recent testimonial:

“AmyK is the mentor and coach I had been hoping for my entire career. Not only is she brilliant, but her direct approach coupled with her authentic compassion challenges me with every conversation. She never misses an opportunity to “dig-in” and get to the root of things. I never walk away from our time together without learning something new about what I want, both personally and professionally, and practical next steps on how to get it. She is a living unicorn in the business & coaching world.”

Jacquelyn Oldham, Director of Curriculum & Training, The Little Gym

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The journey is about becoming your highest and best self.
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