3 women who challenge us to live a “one wild and precious life”

Showcasing women authors who challenged my thinking and being

March. Women’s History Month. Reality Check.

Every month should be about celebrating the brilliant women throughout history who uplift our voices, our bodies, our spirits, and those who continue to do so today. Every month should focus on those who have held & truly heard the marginalized and acted on their behalf. Those who gave us clarity of vision and heart, and those who now try hard every day to push out fear & hate with love.

In this humble series of 5 posts, as it IS Women’s History Month, I wish to celebrate & honor some of the amazing women who have played a vital role in my thinking and being over the years, but most recently in this past year. Some authors were new to me. Some cherished for decades and revisited during the pandemic.

By no means is this a comprehensive list, how could it be, but it is a small offering of acknowledgement that these voices made a difference. In me. In so many.

We’ll start with Mary Oliver. Elizabeth Lesser. Marie Kondo.

Three women who challenge us on how we’ll live our “one wild and precious life.”

Each of these women sparks joy in me and helps me be a better spiritual seeker.

Cyber safe hugs,