3 women who help me walk my path

Martha Beck handed me a compass and a flashlight and helped me find my way.

Years ago, when I was trying to figure out who I was supposed to be and what path I was supposed to be walking, Martha Beck handed me a compass and a flashlight and helped me find my way. Many books later she kept me stepping forward.

Lorna Catford and Kay Leigh Hagan helped me find and wear my everyday cape as a woman, to acknowledge my moods, seasons, strengths and humility and Julia Cameron cracked the creative whip [aka: she provided the structure to moor me when I was drifting] with Morning Pages, Artist Date’s and long contemplative walks that are a part of my routine to this day.

Women are strong. Women are resilient. Women are amazing. Women need other women. We need support. We need encouragement.

We need respect. We need to be heard, held and understood. We need to be included.

We need love.

And when women give and receive all these things to other women — we rise.

To the women authors I’ve celebrated this week, thank you. Thank you for all your work and generosity.

To ALL the other hundreds of women authors whose books I’ve read in my 49 years, thank you too.

It’s been a blessing to have you in my life, in my mind, and in my heart.

Thank you for challenging me.

Cyber safe hugs,

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