A bit of sunshine in the darkness of the pandemic

Brightening up my home and heart with some pure flower fabulousness

Does your voice matter? Does your vote count? You sure? My nephew was assigned to read Carol Anderson’s One Person, No Vote. I read it along with him so we could talk about the injustice of denying a person the right to vote simply because they are black. What’s happening to our democracy? Anderson tells us EXACTLY what’s happening and it’s frightening. And it’s still going on today. Unless we take action, unless we carry justice forward for all, we are complicit. A. Must. Read.

On the days when I needed a bit of sunshine in the darkness of the pandemic, I let Alethea Harampolis, Jill Rizzo, and Erin Benzakein help me brighten up my home and heart with some pure flower fabulousness. Then I would pour a hot cup of tea and hunker down with Alicia Keys. Alicia… so wise, so beautiful inside and out, and so honest about her journey. We’ve never met, but I’d like to think if we did, we’d be friends.

Cyber safe hugs,

The journey is about becoming your highest and best self.
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