When it’s time to ease the grind & ramp up your joy & contentment, get you a gal who totally gets it!

AmyK here.

Once upon a time I was… an Elementary School Teacher, a Corporate Trainer & then a Miserable Executive.


I’m a redunkulously happy international award-winning speaker, Amazon #1 bestselling author, Self-leadership coach and founder of the She Gets It global Mastermind program.

When I’m not curled up with my nose in a book [yes, they still exist] diving deeper into whatever topic is lighting me up at the moment, you can find me cooking, hiking, traveling, journaling, hangin’ with dear friends & family, or dolphin spotting.

But it didn’t happen overnight.

As a little girl, I was not confident, shy with my peers, sooo not cool, insecure, and really just entirely clue-free about how to use my voice.

I often said things upside down and inside out and rarely could I speak up for myself. Unless I was on stage. Wow, did I know how to project!

Early in my career I misstepped. A lot. But I also learned. A lot. And as I grasped & struggled to “make it” I had several epiphanies along the way.

Not knowing how to use my voice when I was young became my biggest WHY as an adult. Who knew?!

Today, I truly believe that where resides our greatest pain, resides our greatest gift.

As I got older, I really started to “get it.”

I quit my corporate gig for entrepreneurial autonomy, got smarter & more strategic in my decisions, accepted way less nonsense, started communicating confidently & effectively, drew boundaries both at work and at home and learned how to stay centered & have FUN along the way. Yes, FUN! So important.


I became brilliant in business and happy in life. And now I teach women around the globe HOW to do it too.

And it energetically lights me up!

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The more serious bio… in case you need it.

AmyK Hutchens is all about being brilliant in business and happy in life – one conversation at a time.

Hutchens is an international award-winning speaker, Amazon #1 bestselling author of the books, The Secrets Leaders Keep and GET IT: Five Steps to the Sex, Salary and Success You Want, and has over twenty years’ experience training and consulting with clients such as Whole Foods, The Home Depot, Starbucks Canada, Comerica Bank, Expedia, Lockheed Martin, Securian Financial, Walmart, John Paul Mitchell Systems and hundreds more.

AmyK travels the globe [well … now she Zooms all over the world too] sharing with executives, influencers and go-getters HOW to confidently & competently navigate their toughest conversations without saying something they regret, giving their power away or damaging their relationships.

AmyK received her M.S. from Johns Hopkins University, and has been seen, heard or read on Bloomberg, NBC, ABC, USA Today, Entrepreneur, and U.S. News & World Report.

She resides in San Diego, California with her favorite human, Scott, and their bulldog Moose.

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