Acknowledge your heart wisdom

Real women. Real talk. Real truth. Real fun.

You were born with intuition, an inner voice, and like many adults with a “practical” education, you’ve learned to dismiss it, discount it or completely ignore it. But it’s an intelligence, a sixth sense, that shouldn’t be ignored.

Maybe you had one of those “hunches” years ago that helped you “dodge a bullet.”

Perhaps your “spidey senses” got triggered one time and helped you avoid a disaster.

But overall, you take pride in your brilliant, logical mind, dismissing the wisdom your heart and gut have to offer.

But what if your gut was just as important as your mind? What if you learned to better integrate your intuition with logic, prior to making your next decision?

Used together, it’s quite a superpower.

Join us for this month’s fun & meaningful Coffee, Cocktails & Conversation LIVE call on May 19th. This month’s topic: Invoking Our Intuition. Visit to learn more.

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