Are your boundaries too rigid, too porous or just right?

Are your boundaries too rigid, too porous or just right?

Boundaries are like the porridge in Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

They can be too rigid, too porous or just right, as in healthy.

Boundaries that are too rigid are often demonstrated by isolation and independence, not asking for help, zero flexibility, or having the attitude, “my way is the only way.”

Boundaries that are too porous are often demonstrated as allowing abusive behavior, oversharing personal information, people-pleasing at your own expense, being conflict-avoidant, or being a pushover.

Healthy boundaries are often defined as asking for and accepting help, valuing your own worth – including your own thoughts and feelings, accepting others’ boundaries, and being able to communicate your boundaries without stress or anxiety.

How might your boundaries be too rigid, too porous or just right [healthy] for you?

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