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When Women Are The Storytellers

Writers, theologians, professors and historians have often said history is a list or a study in surprises. What’s not surprising is that history is recorded by men. Men have told the story of humankind for thousands of years… men have told the story of women. “But when women are the storytellers,” as Elizabeth Lesser writes, […]

Stop settling for mediocrity and ask yourself 3 questions

Hey there, AmyK here! I’m reaching out with a quick public service announcement. Stop settling. It’s the kiss of emotional death. It’s the stuff that dashes dreams. It’s the pernicious betrayal to your spirit that truncates the beauty and possibility of your life. Do I need to go on? Sadly, I do. Just last month […]

How to make the new year better

Let’s get realz. The #1 thing to make 2022 different – and waaay better – is a wiser YOU. Truth. Every day is a chance to wake up and “get it” a little more. Get more certain and confident about your next decisions. Get more of what you want with less stress & greater ease. […]

Self-Leadership & Work Engagement

Self-leadership is the unsung hero of your organization’s success. As I discussed in a recent article, practicing Self-leadership means consciously actualizing your highest potential. It’s choosing a life of pleasure and purpose and sustaining the subsequent behaviors needed to live it and live it well. Once you truly embrace and invest in Self-leadership, you’ll receive […]

Self-Leadership at Work Starts With You

We can all recognize a good leader when we see one, but defining which qualities and practices make for a brilliant leader is often debated. However, there’s one characteristic and practice that’s a game changer.  It’s the one element that is present in the most stellar leaders any of us study or are lucky enough […]

50@50 launches TODAY!

50@50 launches TODAY! Whoohoo! Join us as we answer a myriad of curious, irreverent, provocative, fun and insightful questions… 1 per week for the next 50 weeks. Check out what Jenny asked that is launching this whole series. It’s FREE too! You can watch these videos right here on YouTube. [PLEASE SUBSCRIBE – it makes a […]

Choose to replace assumptions with questions

Too often we’re quick to label & put people in boxes.   Why?   Because it’s easier.   And lazier.   And it definitely makes some folks way more comfortable.   “Ah, you’re an XYZer. “   Or…   “Ah, you like XYZ.”   “Now I can file you away as an XYZ type.”   […]

2 truths around the practice of gratitude

Thanksgiving in the United States is just days away, and while gratitude is a hot topic and practice year round, it gets special attention this week. Sometimes there’s a lot of confusion around the practice of gratitude. High-achievers and go-getters get stymied between being grateful for their blessings and wanting more. 1. You can be […]

1 question to ponder about art in your life

You. Were. Born. To. Express. Yourself. Yesterday, we had a brilliant class on The Arts and how important it is to our personal health, societal health and global health to invite art into our lives as well as to create it. When we creatively channel our energies we all benefit. So here’s one of the […]

Choose to show up for yourself daily

My heart is full today. As our kitchens fill with great smells over this long Thanksgiving holiday in the USA, I encourage all of you, no matter where you reside in the world, to take a look around and savor the blessings you have. It’s been a tough two years for the majority of us […]

Expressing yourself creatively

Maya Angelou once shared, “You Can’t Use Up Creativity. The More You Use the More You Have.”   I’m with Maya. Creativity begets creativity.   And we’re often way more creative than we realize.   Expressing creativity isn’t limited to painting & drawing.   Think how we design our lives – everywhere.   Think cooking, […]

Art opens the mind

“I needed to ‘get’ this.” These are the words I often think when I hear, read or see something that widens my perspective and deepens my understanding. So often we need to expand the optics of our limited viewpoint. And the Arts help us to do so. Art gives meaning to our lives and helps […]