How to Protect Your Mental Health: 2 Magical Phrases for Taking Your Power Back

I was coaching a woman a few weeks ago who was suffering. She was overwhelmed by the demands of her job, the headlines on her phone, the under-developed brain of her sixteen-year-old daughter, and she was just about to dive into another toxic situation when I shared two Magical Phrases. She immediately started laughing AND […]

Do you know how to listen to your intuition?

What’s brewin’ this month? Your inner knowing, that’s what. It’s bubbling up from the inside to whisper your truth. Have you had a hunch lately? Maybe you needed to avoid something or pick up the phone and call a friend? Each of us possesses a powerful guidance system within us – our Intuition. The more […]

How to Prioritize You: 2 Ideas for the Good Kind of Selfish

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and I’m sharing two quick tips, reminders, perspectives, kicks-in-the-pants – whatever phrase you need me to say to make these items sticky. Prioritize YOU first… every month. Every day. Tip #1 – Monthly: First, let’s get realz. As much as I’d like to say, “Before you slot in the […]

How to Handle Life Challenges: Growth is Not a Punishment

I was coaching a woman last month when she said, “I could use a break from life’s lessons.” I get it. I know you get it too. Sometimes it feels like the Universe is pummeling us with her lessons, and we just need a moment of reprieve. A moment to breathe. Been there! For some […]

How to Deal with Difficult People: 2 Choices When You’ve Reached Your Limit

As y’all know, it’s Stress Awareness month so I want to share something useful & practical for helping you reduce your stress. Especially as it relates to the stress caused by another human. I was recently coaching a biz owner when the conversation shifted from professional to personal. Her teenage son was making some poor […]

The Wardrobe We Wear

What’s shakin’ this month?! Everything fashion. Starting with, when you look in your closet today do you love everything in it? As Marie Kondo would ask, does every item spark joy, or do you wear 20% of your wardrobe over and over? How do you think & feel about clothes? A. I love fashion and […]

Why You Should Embrace Your Scars

I use to bury my scars. Also known as past hurts, wounds, major life hiccups. If I didn’t talk about them – then technically – they didn’t really exist. Until someone else would bring them up. Out of the blue. As a joke. As a moment of reflection. It always unnerved me. Someone else talking […]

1 Strategy for Dealing with Envy

Ever experience a skosh of envy? You’re sooo not alone. Envy is a natural feeling as a part of our human design. When integrated in a healthy manner it propels us forward. It can be a driver toward goals and help us expand our capacity & potential– a big component of Self-leadership. Envy is not […]

How to Make Real Connections

Real connection doesn’t come from: Number of likes Number of followers Number of hours spent scrolling Real connection is generated in: Conversation Shared experiences Feeling heard and understood When you invest in real connection you’re restored and refueled. Anything you’d add? Cyber safe hugs, AmyK I invite you to learn more. Join us at […]

Exploring “sliding door” moments

Have you heard the phrase “Sliding doors?” It’s been used to describe the inflection points in life where we make decisions that alter our destiny. The term became wildly popular from a movie of the same name starring Gwyneth Paltrow and John Hannah. Gwyneth plays a young woman named Helen who misses the train. The […]