The Importance of Identifying Your Emotions

How to be emotionally enlightened

Emotions can be messy. Sometimes they make us say or do something we regret. Most adults prefer to shy away from even talking about them. When we deny emotions such as restlessness, irritation, anxiety, depression, pessimism, discouragement or hopelessness unwanted outcomes prevail. We become sick, we distract ourselves with drugs, alcohol, shopping or other addictive […]

Why You Should Listen to Your Emotions

Emotions can teach us something

It’s not always you. 😊 Some. People. Are. Taxing. Emotionally. Draining. Good news though – you CAN be empathic without letting them rob you of your mojo. And remember… almost 99% of the time, it’s really NOT about you, it’s a reflection of what’s going on with them. Do you know the 4 fundamental skills […]

The Signs of True Self Confidence

Are you impressin' or blessin'?

We all know that one person who shows up to impress. They arrive at a party, a networking event, or unfortunately, they were assigned a seat right next to you, and they start the conversation with, “Let me tell you about all the amazing stuff I own, the companies I’ve bought and sold for billions, […]

Expand your emotional intelligence

Becoming emotionally enlightened

What’s brewin’ this month? Becoming Emotionally Enlightened and Feeling all The Feels Ever have a hard time expressing your emotions? Ever lose your temper with someone who was just plain exasperating? Ever feel a twinge of envy when someone else seemed to be experiencing success so easily, so seamlessly? Ever look at someone you love […]

How to Forgive Yourself More Quickly

Letting Go and Self-forgiveness Class

You’re a brilliant woman. Full stop. Relish that sentence again because it’s true. You. Are. A. Brilliant. Woman. AND, because you’re human, you’ve probably made a “not-so-brilliant” decision. Ever wish you could go back in time for a quick do-over? Still beating yourself up about something you said or did years ago? You’re sooooo not […]

How to Own Your Personal Power

Own your power

Today I want to share a super cool technique I use to uncover underlying drivers that can sabotage your success if not addressed. Recall a time you … Lost your temper Gave away too much energy to something icky that happened – so much so, you couldn’t stop the replay of events Felt like a […]

What Does Your Soul Crave Most?

What does my Soul crave most?

I was journaling a few days ago and got to thinking, What does my Soul crave most? To encounter & connect with the divine. When we listen to the voice of our heart … When we listen to the voice of our intuition … When we listen to the voice of our deepest Inner Knowing […]

How to Change Your Frustration Into Harmony

Fully processing your frustration so you can find your way back to inner harmony.

Three weeks ago I was biting my tongue so hard it literally bled. Then I salved it with gin. 😉 While y’all know I’m a huge fan of the motto, “Not me circus, not me monkeys,” some moments require a level of patience beyond one’s current capacity. Hence, the blood. And gin. Did I mention […]

1 Great Tip to Avoid Overreacting

1 Great Tip to Avoid Overreacting

A few weeks ago a dear girlfriend shared she’d overreacted. Then it was my turn. Then it was a Client’s. If you’ve been a little “sensitive” lately or you’ve overreacted, I highly encourage you to press play. To being your best Self, you lovely, gorgeous Goddess! Hugs, AmyK     Need an upbeat, energetic Speaker […]

The Power of Using Your Voice

Using your voice

What’s burstin’ this month? BOUNDARIES. First, Happy 4th of July to all Americans. AND … no matter where you reside in the world, let’s use today as a reminder to honor your freedom and to use your voice. Your voice is powerful. It impacts the conversation, your relationships, your future. How you use your voice […]