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Parallel Paths

Sliding doors. A term used to describe the inflection points in life where we make decisions that alter our destiny. The term became wildly popular from a movie of the same name starring Gywneth Paltrow and John Hannah. Gywneth plays a young woman named Helen who misses the train. The doors literally slide shut in front of her. But the movie then takes us down two parallel paths where her life unfolds. One life with the consequences of her missing the train, and the second life, a “what if” scenario based on her catching the train. The movie ultimately demonstrates how we are each subject to an infinite number of possibilities, but there is still a plan and purpose to our lives. It builds upon and fantasizes the concept of a parallel Universe — Quantum Physics – which explores the idea of particles being in two states at the same time. In our own lives, sliding door moments can be seemingly inconsequential or more momentous, but both alter the trajectory of our future lives, leaving us to ask ourselves, How would my life be different if one thing changed. Join us this month and take a quantum leap into your own past, present and future as you think about how to squeeze the very best juice out of your tomorrows.


The Wardrobe We Wear

This month we’re exploring how clothes have the capacity to influence and reflect who we are, how we feel at any given moment, how we interpret and respond to others – both good and bad, and how the fashion industry as a whole impacts cultures, economies and the environment. According to Statista, the global apparel market is projected to grow in value from 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars in 2020 to about 2.25 trillion dollars by 2025, showing that the demand for clothing and shoes is on the rise around the world. This number is staggering which is why we’re talking about fashion, style and the psychology of how clothes can affect your mood, be used as a status symbol, how clothes speak to you, what they might say about you, and why, through the ages, clothes have mattered as much as they do to millions across the globe. Whether you wear all black, and live a colorful life, or your closet is coordinated by all shades on the color wheel, join us this month as we dive into what your wardrobe choices say about you, and what you have to say about the world’s wardrobe choices.


Invoking Our Intuition

There’s a saying, “you know more than you think you do.” It’s often perceived as trite, but if you pause, it’s very wise. You do know more than you think you do. Meaning, there is knowledge in you, outside of your thoughts. There is knowledge in your body, in your heart, in your gut. Have you had a hunch lately? Maybe you needed to avoid something or pick up the phone and call a friend? Each of us possesses a powerful guidance system within us – our intuition. The more we learn to listen to it and use it, the more confident we become in its ability to support us and help us walk on our own unique path. It may seem mystical, magical, elusive, something reserved for fortune-tellers, but intuition is often defined as your ability to know something immediately based on an inner feeling or sensation, without the need for conscious reasoning. Most of us understand intuition as a sense of knowing something without having empirical proof of it. Intuition is one of your greatest gifts. Join us this month and learn how to harness your intuition and better understand your own inner wisdom.


Bodies Beautiful

Our bodies are pretty darn magnificent. They grow, change, heal, birth life, bring us pleasure. Our bodies are beautiful, but our relationship to our bodies well, it’s complicated.
This month we’re talking all things body. Shape, size, health and societal influence. Everything from our curves, scars and stretchmarks to why body positivity picked up mainstream momentum, but body acceptance, it can be so dang hard! The way societies portray ideal body images and appearance influences how we perceive our own. Against the backdrop of a world that engages in body policing to mutilation to sending a barrage of messages that some bodies are better than others, that some shapes, colors and curves are more ideal, how might you accept, love and believe, truly believe, your own body is beautiful? Join us for this month’s class and start falling in love with your body again — one conversation at a time.


Bolstering Our Boundaries

Ever say “yes” when you really want to say “no?” In this class, we’re talking all things boundaries. Those invisible lines that separate us physically, mentally and emotionally. Boundaries affect every aspect of our lives. They create order. They protect us. They define and promote our identity. They keep our dignity intact. They are a highly effective communication skill, and it’s time to talk about setting them even more effectively. Need a little assistance with boundary setting? Join us for a lively class & conversation!


The Art & Acts of Aging

Aging is a woman’s secret super-power. [But not if you believe all the ads you see when you’re scrolling online.] Scientific data proves that as we age we actually get happier, despite those occasional cranky menopausal moments. In this class, we’re diving into all things aging: myth, reality, science, botox, beliefs, ageism, social challenges, shifting mindsets, and above all else, how to do it on your own terms. Join us for what promises to be a provocative, intense and fun-filled class as we debunk the noise and nonsense around “appropriate aging” and discover how to embrace the individual art & acts of aging with self-acceptance and grace.


Self-Forgiveness & Letting Go

You’re a brilliant woman. Full stop. But have you ever made a “not-so-brilliant” decision? Ever wish you could go back in time for a quick do-over? Still beating yourself up about something you said or did years ago? You’re not alone. In this class we explore HOW to forgive ourselves and let go, really let go. Self-forgiveness is a tough thing to do and a really important and needed step in the healing process. We’ll explore the questions no one ever taught us to ask, let alone answer, so we can move forward sans guilt and with more ease and inner amity. Need a little more peace and self-compassion? You’re gonna love this class and all the brilliant tools I’m sharing!


Emotionally Enlightened: Feeling all the Feels

Most of us were taught that there are only three emotions: mad, sad, glad. While those are definitely feelings we all experience, thinking there are only three states of being is woefully limiting, completely inaccurate and it truncates your emotional intelligence. The #1 differentiator between good leaders and incredibly brilliant [and wildly profitable] ones is Emotional Intelligence. The research is staggering on how a high EQ improves everything from self-awareness to relationships to our levels of productivity and joy. So we’re going “back-to-school” with a class in EQ skills. Emotional literacy, empathy and emotional intelligence are foundationally about communication and connection. In this class I’m sharing how an expanded emotional vocabulary expands your ability to communicate, connect, collaborate and lead. Yourself and others. I’m also sharing the questions you can ask a wide range of emotions or states so you can learn from them. We’ll take a closer look at anger, apathy, guilt, shame, fear, confusion, anxiety and envy, to name a few, so you can learn how to work through them and benefit from them rather than repress them. All of which helps you build better relationships, advance your problem-solving skills, make better decisions, be a better leader and experience more contentment. Join me and become an Emotionally Enlightened leader.


Life in Art & Art in Life

What role do the Arts play in your life? It might be even bigger than you imagined. The Arts give meaning to our lives and help us understand our world. The Arts can reflect a deeper understanding of our own emotions and the experiences and emotions of another. Art, in a myriad of forms, from creative writing, to painting, to composing, to sculpting, to film, to dance and more, encourages us to be open to new ideas and perspectives, and when we emotionally and viscerally connect with art, we are ultimately connecting with our inner and higher Self. Art enables us to look within and listen. This month in Life in Art and Art in Life, we’re exploring how art influences the individual as well as societies by shaping opinions, translating experiences across space and time, and changing the tone and tenor of a conversation. Whether your stick figures are straight are crooked, I invite you to join us and explore how the Arts impact and influence you, how your artistic expressions impact and influence the world, and what the Arts can teach you about yourself.