Do you do THIS to ensure acceptance and belonging?

Have you ever been a little too generous because you didn't want to appear "not nice?"

Have you ever been a little too generous because you didn’t want to appear “not nice?”

Have you ever “caved” when you should have straightened your spine, because you were concerned about being labeled a bitch?

Then you’re in the right spot.

This month, we’re talking all things boundaries.

Being nice is the Hallmark of a “good” woman.

Women have been socialized into believing that likeability | agreeability are more important than almost anything to ensure acceptance and belonging.

And the cost of this thinking is high.

Stress. Anxiety. Feelings of inadequacy. Self-loathing. Resentment.

The list goes on.

How might we change these perceptions? Behaviors? Expectations? Labels?

How might women support other women in setting better boundaries?

This month’s incredible LIVE global conversation is all about Bolstering Our Boundaries. I invite you to join us for it this coming Wednesday, July 21st.

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