Embracing your personal truth post-pandemic

Give yourself permission to admit your truth

Pour yourself a cup of coffee, tea, glass of wine or something stronger and let’s have a quick chat about a thought many women are thinking right now.

Is it okay to admit there are things I enjoyed during the pandemic?

Many of us experienced radical transitions working from home, having kids at home, a partner, all of the above.

Others of us experienced more loneliness and isolation.

Some of us disagreed with friends and family on politics and safety.

Some of us binged watch nightly news or streamed a show.

Some of us suffered and struggled with depression and anxiety.

Some of us grieved for the loss of a loved one.

We ALL adjusted to a very different way of life.

And many women are secretly sharing with me… but there was good in it too.

And then they feel guilty. They ask, “Can I admit that? While people were and are suffering across the globe, can I secretly tell you that there were things I LIKED about my new and different life?”

Yes. It’s understandable. Because it’s your truth.

As hard as it’s been, there were A-ha’s, moments of clarity and shifts in perspective about how you want to live going forward.

You are not alone if you discovered moments or activities in the pandemic that brought you joy, greater contentment, more awareness and peace.

Rather than judging or feeling guilty, which will rob you of present & future energy, consider it as a very eye-opening unintended consequence of this global event. Ask yourself, What goodness might I extract from it? How might I live an even more fulfilling life going forward because of it?”

And then give yourself permission to do so.

Cyber safe hugs,