Ever have a hard time with letting something or someone go?

Letting go and self forgiveness

What’s stirrin this month?

Letting Go & Self Forgiveness!

Ever have a hard time with the thought of letting something or someone go?

You’re not alone! I get it!

There are so many things we might need to let go of:

Chaos and confusion.
A prior relationship.
That pair of jeans.
That expectation.
A loss.
Your need to control.
Your own inner critic.
And more!

Grab a cup of java [or something stronger] and add your voice to this needed and meaningful conversation on how we can let go on our own healthy terms and create an even freer future.


The journey is about becoming your highest and best self.
What story do you need to let go of?
Letting go is often best understood after looking through the lens of what makes us hold on.
1 question to ask yourself the next time you get triggered
Helpful tips and strategies for letting go
Helpful tips & strategies for letting go