Expand your emotional intelligence

What’s brewin’ this month?

Becoming Emotionally Enlightened and Feeling all The Feels

  • Ever have a hard time expressing your emotions?
  • Ever lose your temper with someone who was just plain exasperating?
  • Ever feel a twinge of envy when someone else seemed to be experiencing success so easily, so seamlessly?
  • Ever look at someone you love and feel, well, not so loving?

I get it.

And this class is for you!

Most of us were taught that there are only three emotions: mad, sad, glad.

While these three emotions are definitely feelings we all experience, thinking there are only three states of being is woefully limiting, completely inaccurate and it truncates your emotional intelligence.

Grab a cup of java [or something stronger] and add your voice to this needed and meaningful conversation on expanding your emotional literacy, your empathy and your EQ [Emotional Intelligence].

Learn more: http://amykh1.sg-host.com

A high EQ gets you way closer to living the life YOU want.