Exploring “sliding door” moments

Ever wonder what “might have been” if a scenario had played out differently?
Have you heard the phrase “Sliding doors?”

It’s been used to describe the inflection points in life where we make decisions that alter our destiny.

The term became wildly popular from a movie of the same name starring Gwyneth Paltrow and John Hannah. Gwyneth plays a young woman named Helen who misses the train. The doors literally slide shut in front of her. But the movie then takes us down two parallel paths where her life unfolds. One life with the consequences of her missing the train and the second life, a “what if” scenario based on her catching the train.

The movie ultimately demonstrates how we are each subject to an infinite number of possibilities, but there is still a plan and purpose to our lives. It builds upon and fantasizes the concept of a parallel Universe — Quantum Physics — which explores the idea of particles being in two states at the same time.

In our own lives, sliding door moments can be seemingly inconsequential or more momentous, but both alter the trajectory of our future lives leaving us to ask ourselves, How would my life be different if one thing changed?

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