How do you find contentment in your life?

I’m in love with Ted Lasso.

The show.
The characters.
The story lines.
The jokes.
The kindness.
The feels.

I am 100% content when I watch this show.

But contentment is a rare commodity. Especially these days.

Many of us hardly ever feel content.

Yet… when we do, we experience renewed faith in ourselves.

The gift of contentment isn’t just peace, it’s also satisfaction, confidence, self-esteem and feeling grounded.

Feeling content creates a safe space from which to launch ourselves into the next challenge or opportunity for growth.

When we’re content, we’re proud of who we are and the life we’re living.

Unfortunately, pride is often seen as a negative trait instead of one, that when healthily regulated, creates a strong sense of self.

Where in your life do you experience contentment, and if you aren’t currently experiencing it, what’s one step you can take to get closer to feeling good and grounded about you and the life you’re creating?

To Ted Lasso and to feeling good and grounded – to feeling content!


P.S. Football is life!

P.S.S. NATE??!!!