How to Change Your Frustration Into Harmony

Fully processing your frustration so you can find your way back to inner harmony.

Three weeks ago I was biting my tongue so hard it literally bled. Then I salved it with gin. 😉

While y’all know I’m a huge fan of the motto, “Not me circus, not me monkeys,” some moments require a level of patience beyond one’s current capacity.

Hence, the blood. And gin. Did I mention there was tonic? Probably should. There was tonic.

It took two girlfriends, one acupuncture treatment and the five questions below to process my frustration over the course of 48 hours. Fully.

As in, I was able to purge the toxins from my system, shift my mindset and find my way back to inner peace.

THIS is exactly why we need support systems and tools. When we have healthy support systems in place [great girlfriends, acupuncture & brilliant questions … not the gin — just to be clear — though I did find Mr. Juniper Berry quite helpful in the moment] we can regroup & recenter more quickly. We can reclaim & reset our inner existence.

You’ve probably never experienced frustration ;-), ya know, with anyone or anything, but just in case you do in the future, here are five brilliant Self-leadership questions to help you process it and move forward as your Best Self.

You can journal out your responses, answer them on a walk, or reflect upon them while you kick-box. Whatever helps you float your frustration up and out.

  1. What are two or three underlying emotions contributing to my frustration? [Disappointment, disbelief, embarrassment?] Look for specific subset emotions. Recognizing all your emotions helps you fully feel ‘em, process ‘em and move ‘em out.
  2. What needs to be expressed that I’m not saying? [Vent! On paper, to a “safe” person or just out loud to yourself.]
  3. What am I wanting to control more than I can? What am I desiring to fix or force?
  4. How might I detach and return to a more neutral, centered state of being? Or … What things [that I cannot control] might I let go of to return to a more neutral, centered state of being so I may stop the forcing behind my frustration? Or … What’s not working that I might give myself permission to release myself from so I may return to a more neutral, centered state of being?
  5. What does my frustration need most from me right now?

To tuning into you and fully processing your frustration so you can find your way back to inner harmony.





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