How to Deal with Difficult People: 2 Choices When You’ve Reached Your Limit

How to Deal with Difficult People: 2 Choices When You’ve Reached Your Limit

As y’all know, it’s Stress Awareness month so I want to share something useful & practical for helping you reduce your stress. Especially as it relates to the stress caused by another human.

I was recently coaching a biz owner when the conversation shifted from professional to personal.

Her teenage son was making some poor choices and driving her nuts. He was driving everybody nuts, including her hubby.

I shared with her that while her teenage son might be 16 going on pain-in-the-ass, she really did need to keep their connection as positive & loving as possible. She & her hubby needed to consciously create tension-free, uplifting moments with him so he’s reminded he’s also loved [even when he’s grounded].

“That’s hard,” she replied. “Most conversations right now I’m nagging him or his dad’s yelling at him. Of course we love him, but right now we’d like to strangle him.”

Totally understandable. I think there’s times when we’ve all experienced the strain of having someone on our very last nerve.
So… I shared with her the Two Choice Seven-day Experiment.

For seven days you can only respond one of two ways to “stressful” or “strained” moments:

  1. Silence
  2. Humor

It changes a lot. It changes your mindset, the dynamic, the energy and the outcome.

I’m not promising rainbows and unicorns, but the next time someone is driving you “batty” put the Two Choice Seven-day Experiment into effect and choose to either be funny or silent as you move from moment to moment. That’s it.

The next time they say something maddening or do something “dumb” you’re either wordless or witty.

It’s kinda magical!

From my heart to yours, hugs!

Cyber safe hugs,

If you’re looking to reduce your stress and feel more confident & fulfilled, I’d be delighted to be your coach. Learn more about my coaching methodology.

As Hollis shared…

“AmyK’s already had such a positive impact on my life – professionally and personally. The skills and tips I’m learning get me results! AmyK takes the time to delve into my issues & she gives me practical, actionable steps that get resolutions fast. The return on investment is both instant and ongoing.”
– Hollis Bufferd, CEO, Starhill Financial

It’s my pleasure, Hollis! We’re playing full-out and doing it more playfully!


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