How to Forgive Yourself More Quickly

Letting Go and Self-forgiveness Class

You’re a brilliant woman. Full stop. Relish that sentence again because it’s true.

You. Are. A. Brilliant. Woman.

AND, because you’re human, you’ve probably made a “not-so-brilliant” decision.

Ever wish you could go back in time for a quick do-over?

Still beating yourself up about something you said or did years ago?

You’re sooooo not alone.

Which is EXACTLY why I created this month’s FREE class, Self-forgiveness & Letting Go.

In this class we explore HOW to forgive ourselves and let go, really let go.

Self-forgiveness is a tough thing to do and a really important and needed step in the healing process.

We’ll explore the questions no one ever taught us to ask, let alone answer, so we can move forward sans guilt and with more ease and inner amity.

Need a little more peace and self-compassion? You’re gonna love this class and all the brilliant tools I’m sharing!

Join us on Wed, Sept 21st for a fun & meaningful Coffee, Cocktails & Conversation LIVE class, Self-forgiveness & Letting Go.



WAIT!!! There’s more goodness ahead!

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