How to Prioritize You: 2 Ideas for the Good Kind of Selfish

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and I’m sharing two quick tips, reminders, perspectives, kicks-in-the-pants – whatever phrase you need me to say to make these items sticky.

Prioritize YOU first… every month. Every day.

Tip #1 – Monthly:

First, let’s get realz. As much as I’d like to say, “Before you slot in the kids’ soccer games, sleepovers & swim meets, before you slot in your sales meetings & team strategy sessions — slot in you.” But – we need a real-life, Are you kidding me? Moment. Of course you’re going to slot in all the above and THEN YOU ARE FIRST PRIORITY. Meaning, before you say yes to the next meeting, the next school or life or community demand, PLOT YOURSELF on the calendar. And barring anyone’s need for a tourniquet and trip to the ER, you are not deviating from this priority.

When are you going for your longer walk, or getting your nails done, attending yoga or pickleball, or going to lunch with a girlfriend?

Pick one prioritized activity or experience that says, “I’m putting my mental health first this month” and ink this item on your calendar. Everything else can fall into place around it.

Tip #2 – Daily:

For a minimum of 29-31 minutes before you prioritize EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING for the rest of the day, prioritize you. Honestly, I take 75 minutes, but hey, I’m fifty. I crave/want/desire/need these 75 minutes to drink my coffee, light my candle, meditate, journal and tell the world to “wait.” My alarm goes off at 4:53am and by 5am I’m in my “me zone.” See eye patches above.

Let’s get personal. If you just shuddered at the thought of being up that early then listen to Your Inner Knowing, Your Intuition. If you need to schedule your “Me, Myself & I & More Me Time” at noon or at night, so be it. You do you.

Scheduling 29-31 minutes EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. is not a luxury. It’s basic human rights. Your human rights.

If you’re shaking your head and thinking, “AmyK you just don’t get it! You don’t know my life! You don’t get the intensity of my schedule!” Wrong-a-mundo.

I do get it. I actually do. However… you aren’t getting it. And by that, I mean you aren’t getting the investment in your mental health that you need and deserve. Play the long game. Prioritize yourself today so you can be healthy tomorrow.

29-31 minutes. That still leaves 1409 minutes to attend to everyone else. And yes, adjustments might need to be made. New habits and routines may need to be put in place. But hey, you’ve got 1409 minutes to figure that out today.

Huge hugs,

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