How to Protect Your Mental Health: 2 Magical Phrases for Taking Your Power Back

I was coaching a woman a few weeks ago who was suffering. She was overwhelmed by the demands of her job, the headlines on her phone, the under-developed brain of her sixteen-year-old daughter, and she was just about to dive into another toxic situation when I shared two Magical Phrases.

She immediately started laughing AND disengaged. By the time our coaching session ended she was feeling WAY more in control and confident.

She was taking back her power and bolstering her resiliency. BOOYAH!

Take a quick listen to add these two Magical Phrases to your arsenal. Bet you can’t watch without smiling!

To protecting your state of being!


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– Becky Tongish, Senior Vice President, Kansas Bankers Association

Becky, it was a pleasure to partner!


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