Journaling prompt for self-reflection

Journaling questions that prompt self-reflection

Drop a journal, book or pen emoji below if any of the following resonates with you:

– You like provocative questions

– Journaling is an important part of your growth [i.e. sanity]

– A hot beverage and some quiet time is a bit blissful

I see your emojis!

I get it!

I totally relate! ? – ? – ?? – ?

We sooo benefit from the juicy questions that prompt self-reflection. They help us refine our thinking, challenge our perspectives, and expand the optics for how we might live our biggest, boldest, best lives. The most brilliant people are self aware. They GET who they are, and who they are not.

What questions are you asking yourself these days to continue learning about who you are NOW and what you really want now so you can live your best life and live out your highest potential?

Please share one question you’ve been asking and answering lately.

Would sincerely love to know.

And here’s one of mine:

What’s one request or offer you could make to move you closer to contentment?