Build on your strengths and close the gap on your weaknesses.

Increase your confidence and gain clarity so you can finally get what you want.

(Like what you really, really want.)


The She Gets It Mastermind

Registration opens January 6, 2023!

This is the weekly triple-shot of AmyK mojo you need to regroup, recenter, and reset.

You deserve a fulfilling, joy-fueled life—get the tools you need to focus on your priorities, fuel your energy, and align your actions with your ideal life and career.

    This program is everything you’ve been searching for in a completely transformational experience.

    In six weeks of weekly 90-minute, interactive sessions you will:

    • Understand the #1 Currency of High-Performers (it’s a whole energetic shift!) and how to increase it for professional and personal gain
    • Discover where (and to whom) you’re giving your power away, and how to take it back so you can make clear, confident decisions
    • Learn to harness the collective intelligence of your team, and align their brilliance so you can meet & exceed your goals
    • Examine the art & science of Empathic Intelligence so that you can build a healthy culture through sensitive, perceptive, and appropriate communication
    • Align with your Essential Self and discover how this impacts your well-being, leadership style, and performance levels
    • Master a few magical phrases and communication techniques that enhance your EQ and help you successfully navigate your toughest conversations
    • Become comfortable regulating and managing your emotions to increase collaboration and strengthen your resiliency
    • Gain the #1 self-leadership tool for shifting limiting beliefs so you can better manage your mindset
    • Develop a consistent pattern of leading yourself well, so you can lead others well, both in practice and by example
    • Craft a self-leadership development plan that produces meaningful, profitable results.
    • And MORE!

    Got a Minute? Here’s what participants are saying.

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      Registration opens
      January 6, 2023!

      Get on the path to the best
      version of you.

      Bonus! When you join the waitlist, I’ll send you a GEM of a resource to get you started on this work … for FREE!

      Real clients.
      Real results.

      “AmyK’s Mastermind program is wonderful! I loved all of the rich content, and one of my favorite tools is AmyK’s Magical phrases. I also loved the opportunity to connect with other like-minded women across the globe! It was an honor to be a part of this group and I’ll have connections that will last long after this course ends! Thank you, AmyK!"

      Cassandra Rambo, People Experience Director, Argano

      “This program energizes me every week. AmyK’s Mastermind program invites me to step out of my comfort zone into a whole new realm of personal and professional possibilities. What I love most is that AmyK makes action accessible; she spells out next steps and gives examples that make the lessons real for me in real-time. Plus, I’m learning from and alongside other strong women in the program, which helps to expand my confidence. I have already been applying AmyK’s awesome tools at home and at work—and they work!"

      Lauren Karcz, Senior Campaign Strategist, First Page Sage

      “AmyK’s Magical phrases and rich insights have been a game-changer for me. Her energy, direct approach, perspectives, and the connectivity AmyK has created with the She Gets It Mastermind have been incredibly valuable. The Mastermind is a brilliant connection to other women around the globe who are ready to engage in deep, thought-provoking discussions in a safe and welcoming environment. In a world that’s fastpaced and ever-changing, it’s a beautiful gift to be able to pause, reflect, learn, and share with other brilliant women looking to elevate their leadership and way of being. I highly recommend the She Gets It Mastermind and any opportunity to work with AmyK."

      Danielle W. Moga, Founder and CEO, The Ideal Advantage®

      “I’m a huge fan of AmyK - a groupie! The tools I learned in her classes made my difficult conversations incredibly manageable and sometimes downright easy. AmyK helped me to feel more confident and she’s given me practical tools and methods so I’m ready for anything thrown my way!”

      Erin Lineberry, Sales Executive

        I get these questions all the time.

        Who is this program for?

        Probably YOU—our attendees are most often:
        • Senior women executives
        • Mid-tier women managers
        • Emerging women leaders
        • Stressed out & energetically depleted women who are normally not so tired
        • Loving women who want more out of their relationships
        • Women experiencing a life transition at home or at work [perhaps both]
        • Successful women thinking, “I thought this stage of my life would be way more peaceful & fun.”
        • Any woman who wants to be brilliant in business and happy in life

        How much time will I need to invest?

        It depends what you want to get out of it 😉 … At a minimum, we suggest setting aside 90 minutes a week for six weeks to attend the LIVE class or to watch the recording. Anything outside of this experience is your choice. These choices might include a martini and some quiet reflection time or a journal and pen to finish answering one of my provocative questions.

        What technology will be required?

        We’re keepin’ it easy—you’ll need an email account and access to Zoom! You’ll receive a weekly email, including your Zoom link and a PDF Playbook with all the tools & exercises to go along with that week’s lesson & discussion.

        What if I can’t make a LIVE class?

        While we highly recommend you attend sessions live for the participation factor, we understand sometimes that’s not possible. All live sessions are recorded and available until the end of the calendar year. You can watch when it’s convenient for you, but I suggest “catching up” before the next week’s session.

        Can I get a refund?

        Life gets full–we get it. And even though that is exactly one of the reasons we encourage women to participate—so they can figure out how to fill their lives in the most brilliant way, we also know unavoidable stuff happens. Write to us at, asking for a refund within the first week [that means before we begin week #2] and we’ll grant you a 100% refund. AFTER, the first week, there are no refunds.

        Can I ask a question between LIVE sessions?

        Do we love fresh flowers on our desks? Do we love our jolt of java in the morning? Do we love answering your questions? Yes, yes, and definitely YES. 🙂 Bring it on! Seriously, we ENCOURAGE you to ask questions. I’m here for ya! Just shoot an email to


        To help, I wrote them a letter for you.

        It may be an easy choice for you to join the mastermind, but convincing your leadership might be a slightly different story.

        To help you make your case, I’ve got Justification Letter teed up and ready for ya— just tweak it fit to your current challenges or needs (go on and show off that self-awareness & willingness to grow!) and send it to your supervisor for their stamp of approval … easy peasy!