Reasons Why You Should Love Yourself

You cannot fully love others well until you love yourself well.

Hello, Luv! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Whether you’re single or couple’d up, off the dating scene, or on the lookout, let’s have a for-realz loving moment – just between you and me.

The best, very best gift you’ll ever receive on Valentine’s Day is the love and acceptance you give yourself.

Full stop.

Loving yourself is not egotistical. It’s evolution. Evolution of Self — toward your greatest good & your highest capacity. Loving yourself is a huge aspect of Self-leadership.

You cannot fully love others well until you love yourself well.

Kindness inside ignites kindness outside.

Compassion inside ignites compassion outside.

Forgiveness inside ignites forgiveness outside.

Acceptance inside ignites acceptance outside.

Love inside ignites love outside.

Take the time today to luv up on you.


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