Situations That Change the Way You Think

What question are you the answer to?

Hey, there! AmyK here.

Life is full of unexpected mini-moments that become mega-magical.

These moments open us up to flashes of insight, new ways of seeing things and new ways of being.

For me, some of these moments have come from living with teenage girls, from teaching in Shanghai to quitting a job. Some of these moments are from when I hear a turn of phrase or a fresh analogy, or they come from just hanging out with really smart friends, family and Mastermind members. These folks are wildly successful and talented people, who not shockingly, are human and still trying to figure it all out, because they want to grow and stretch and think and play better too.

Just last week I read a passage by yung pueblo, and he asked, “What question am I the answer to?”

It was a mini-moment, sitting on an airplane, that sparked magical reflection and mega-magical musings in my imagination. One of the many reasons I’m passionate about Self-leadership.

What situations have changed the way you think or how you play?

“What question are you the answer to?”


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