Women are powerful beings—
it’s time to unearth your potential.

Success finds its deepest roots in connection & communication.

When you learn to relate authentically, lead in every direction (including internally), and create natural touch points with others, you simply can’t be held back from being brilliant in business & happy in life.

We provide professional women with tools to communicate with their peers, improve their confidence, and master the art of self-leadership


Free Monthly Classes with AmyK

Grab a cup of coffee—or a cocktail depending on your time zone—and you’re invited to get re-energized with a fresh perspective & proven tools. The connection is magical.

Monthly topics include everything from body image to professional boundaries & beyond.

She Gets It - on YouTube!

Join AmyK on YouTube every Thursday as she answers curious, irreverent, provocative, and insightful questions from professional women just like you.

The series started as a challenge to herself to get face-to-face with real women (via video of course) 50 times in her fiftieth year—now, it’s a fun way to connect & chat through all kinds of subjects women face in their professional & personal lives.


She Gets It 50@50 #22

She Gets It 50@50 #21

She Gets It 50@50 #20

Mastermind with AmyK
Feeling like all your buckets are running dry— or at least several of them have obvious leaks …

The She Gets It Mastermind

Registration opens September 1!

This is the triple shot of mojo you need to regroup, recenter, and reset. You deserve a joy-fueled life—it’s time to focus on your priorities, fire up your energy, and align your actions with your ideal life and career.

Get the tools you need to increase your confidence, gain clarity about what you want (what you
really, really want), and have FUN in the process.

And … if you’re ready for a bit of one-on-one attention …

Get a smart and safe sounding board for your tough conversations, difficult decisions, and mind-boggling
questions—and ya know, the other stuff, too.

1:1 Coaching with AmyK

I didn’t want to be a coach—truly, I resisted for years … but execs kept calling me, so I started “consulting.” Many, many tears, ah-ha moments, and giant energetic breakthroughs (erm, admittedly on both sides) later …

I realized I was always meant to be a coach. I offer plain and simple, hour-by-hour,
no-strings-attached coaching for professional women (and men, too!) to help you navigate
whatever you’re facing in your personal and professional life.

One caveat: this is coaching, so you’ve gotta be ready to take feedback and apply it… so you can
get the results you’re looking for.

1 Great Tip to Avoid Overreacting

1 Great Tip to Avoid Overreacting

A few weeks ago a dear girlfriend shared she’d overreacted. Then it was my turn. Then it was a Client’s. If you’ve been a little “sensitive” lately or you’ve overreacted, I highly encourage you to press play. To being your best Self,

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Using your voice

The Power of Using Your Voice

What’s burstin’ this month? BOUNDARIES. First, Happy 4th of July to all Americans. AND … no matter where you reside in the world, let’s use today as a reminder to honor your freedom and to use your voice. Your voice is powerful.

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