Stop settling for mediocrity and ask yourself 3 questions

Are you settling? Hey there, AmyK here! I’m reaching out with a quick public service announcement. Stop settling. It’s the kiss of emotional death. It’s the stuff that dashes dreams. It’s the pernicious betrayal to your spirit that truncates the beauty and possibility of your life. Do I need to go on? Sadly, I do. Just last month I was coaching a vibrant, energetic, smart woman, who couldn’t see how much she was settling in her job. For years she had put up with utter ridiculousness. And when she shared her voice, her truth, it was dismissed. Yep, that’s ridiculousness spelled b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t. Look, we all have challenges we face, but not possessing certainty about our own worth and not having clarity about how to live a life of pleasure and purpose shouldn’t be any of them!
  1. Is it time to finally slay the areas of your life where you’re settling?
  2. Is it time to honor the worth of your own voice?
  3. Is it time to get waaay more clarity about creating the life you WANT? Ya know, the kinda life that feeds your soul, lights up your heart and puts a skip back in your step? Seriously, when did you last skip?!
Let’s all stop dampening our burning desires by settling for mediocrity or good enough when we can create magic. Make 2022 your year of magical creation. Hugs, AmyK
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