What does “aging with attitude” mean to you?

The term “aging gracefully” is tossed around quite a bit… but what does it even mean? Sure, we can exercise, eat fruits and veggies, refrain from smoking, limit our alcohol intake and ensure we all go to our graves well-preserved, but what about the art of living well and fully for a long time? Aging […]

How women flourish in an anti-aging culture

Cheers to your bad-ass Self! Yesterday we had an INCREDIBLE conversation about aging, and whoa! We covered a HUGE spectrum of issues and laughed and cried and got realz!!! There’s so much pressure on HOW we age. How we look. How we sound. What we do. What we’ve done. Personally, I think we need to […]

Have you ever felt irrelevant?

In her well-acclaimed article, Invisible Woman Syndrome: Do You Have It, researcher Melanie Joosten discovered that many women feel more and more invisible as they age. It’s such a widely experienced phenomena that the Netflix show Grace and Frankie tackled it in one of their episodes. After actress Jane Fonda “loses her cool” from being […]

Aging in a youth-obsessed culture

She looks good… for her age. What a way to ruin a compliment. How about just, “She looks great!” ? This month, we’re talking all things AGING. We live in a youth-obsessed culture. What about it do we resist, and what about it gets deep into our psyche? This month’s incredible LIVE global conversation is […]

How to be the best “me” you can be

We’re sippin’ as we connect with “sass” this month! Eartha Kitt once said, “I have never yearned to stay young, but rather to stay me. The me committed to embracing her uniqueness. The me who feels no shame in championing and cherishing herself. The me who accepts aging as a natural process, not a disease, […]

Exploring the impact of aging

In this month’s Coffee, Cocktails and Conversation class we’re exploring the impact of aging on our bodies, our mind, our spirit, our desires, relationships, finances, freedoms and so much more. The term “aging gracefully” is tossed around quite a bit…but what does it even mean? Sure, we can exercise, eat fruits and veggies, refrain from […]

Which of these do you feel about aging?

For some, the thought of grey hair makes ‘em cringe. For others, it means freedom. And in the pandemic, so many chose to go au natural and let the gray grow in, and wow, did it spark massive debate around the world! Which are you? A. Aging. That undesirable phenomenon that instantly dehydrates millions around […]

How we can age on our own terms

What’s brewin’ this month? The Art & Acts of Aging! Ever have a hard time with the thought of aging? You’re not alone! I get it! There are so many aspects to aging: Physical & Mental Health. Legal ramifications. Social. Societal. Personal outlook. Self-perception. And more! It’s often said aging is for the courageous, not […]