1 question to ponder about art in your life

You. Were. Born. To. Express. Yourself. Yesterday, we had a brilliant class on The Arts and how important it is to our personal health, societal health and global health to invite art into our lives as well as to create it. When we creatively channel our energies we all benefit. So here’s one of the […]

Expressing yourself creatively

Maya Angelou once shared, “You Can’t Use Up Creativity. The More You Use the More You Have.”   I’m with Maya. Creativity begets creativity.   And we’re often way more creative than we realize.   Expressing creativity isn’t limited to painting & drawing.   Think how we design our lives – everywhere.   Think cooking, […]

Art opens the mind

“I needed to ‘get’ this.” These are the words I often think when I hear, read or see something that widens my perspective and deepens my understanding. So often we need to expand the optics of our limited viewpoint. And the Arts help us to do so. Art gives meaning to our lives and helps […]

The healing power of the Arts

Some of the most beautiful songs, paintings, photographs and performances are born from heartache.   The Arts help us heal.   The Arts channel our emotions and allow us to express our inner state in ways that we cannot share otherwise.   Today, if your heart is heavy, if the weight of the world is resting […]

How art influences us

What’s shakin’ this month? Art. Design. Aesthetics. The Arts shape us. This month in Life in Art and Art in Life, we’re exploring how art influences the individual as well as societies by shaping opinions, translating experiences across space and time, and changing the tone and tenor of a conversation. When was the last time a song, […]