How to Change Your Frustration Into Harmony

Fully processing your frustration so you can find your way back to inner harmony.

Three weeks ago I was biting my tongue so hard it literally bled. Then I salved it with gin. 😉 While y’all know I’m a huge fan of the motto, “Not me circus, not me monkeys,” some moments require a level of patience beyond one’s current capacity. Hence, the blood. And gin. Did I mention […]

Stop settling for mediocrity and ask yourself 3 questions

Hey there, AmyK here! I’m reaching out with a quick public service announcement. Stop settling. It’s the kiss of emotional death. It’s the stuff that dashes dreams. It’s the pernicious betrayal to your spirit that truncates the beauty and possibility of your life. Do I need to go on? Sadly, I do. Just last month […]

Journaling prompt for self-reflection

Drop a journal, book or pen emoji below if any of the following resonates with you: – You like provocative questions – Journaling is an important part of your growth [i.e. sanity] – A hot beverage and some quiet time is a bit blissful I see your emojis! I get it! I totally relate! ? […]

What it means to be whole

Superheroes need to sleep. Planes need to land. Cars need to refuel or recharge. So do you. Imagine, taking the time and space to give yourself the gift of wholeness and peace. My Mastermind Program, She Gets It starts September 14th. Why should you join? Because it’s all about the most important conversations you can […]

3 great questions to encourage you to take a risk

Hey, there! AmyK here! I’m in the middle of a huge move, and I came across 3 questions that I tore out of a magazine years ago. They are great questions for encouraging us to step out and take a risk, even when it’s easier to avoid the discomfort. Watch this quick video for some […]

How women flourish in an anti-aging culture

Cheers to your bad-ass Self! Yesterday we had an INCREDIBLE conversation about aging, and whoa! We covered a HUGE spectrum of issues and laughed and cried and got realz!!! There’s so much pressure on HOW we age. How we look. How we sound. What we do. What we’ve done. Personally, I think we need to […]

Why you should continue learning about yourself

Drop a unicorn emoji below if any of the below is important to you: Creating happiness and peace Honoring the worth of your own voice Taking time to tune out the world Reflecting on your life while sippin’ a cup of tea, coffee, wine or a cocktail. I see your unicorns! Me too! In fact […]

The importance of becoming your best self

Some days we don’t get it. We miss the importance of becoming our best selves. Some days we criticize and judge. Others and ourselves. We betray our bodies. We berate them instead of embracing them. We let our negative thoughts spiral. Downward and downward. We try to control. Everything. Then the sun goes down, we […]