Why boundary setting is important

Boundaries create order. They protect us. They define and promote our identity. They keep our dignity intact. Boundaries are a highly effective communication skill, and they stem from and fuel a strong sense of self-worth. Ineffective communication of our boundaries leads to: loss of control and order which increases distractions & chaos. Ineffective boundary setting […]

How to communicate your rights & boundaries

A wise person once said, “If someone throws a fit because you set boundaries, it’s just more evidence the boundary is needed.” Boundaries reflect your rights. If you’re not sure exactly what constitutes a boundary, begin by asking yourself what you consider your rights to be. For example, you have the right to alone time. […]

Are your boundaries too rigid, too porous or just right?

Boundaries are like the porridge in Goldilocks and the Three Bears. They can be too rigid, too porous or just right, as in healthy. Boundaries that are too rigid are often demonstrated by isolation and independence, not asking for help, zero flexibility, or having the attitude, “my way is the only way.” Boundaries that are […]

Do you do THIS to ensure acceptance and belonging?

Have you ever been a little too generous because you didn’t want to appear “not nice?” Have you ever “caved” when you should have straightened your spine, because you were concerned about being labeled a bitch? Then you’re in the right spot. This month, we’re talking all things boundaries. Being nice is the Hallmark of […]

How might you set better boundaries?

We’re toasting to boundaries this month! How might your life change if you were more confident with respect to setting boundaries? Boundaries affect every aspect of our lives. From our physical body and personal space to our beliefs and opinions, emotions, time, energy, sexuality, property, possessions, to our ethics and values. But sometimes it’s not […]

How to set boundaries with yourself

Saying “no” and “yes” to yourself is just as important as saying “no” and “yes” to others. Setting boundaries includes internal boundaries and how we manage the relationship we have with ourselves. Managing our time, energy, thoughts, emotions, behaviors, personal goals and commitments requires us to set limits and self-discipline ourselves. When we prioritize self-care […]

Do you ever say “yes” when you really want to say “no?”

Do you ever say “yes” when you really want to say “no?” You’re not alone. So many women can relate. The question to ask ourselves is, “Why?” Are we being agreeable? Deferential? Are we afraid of confrontation? Is it because it’s so ingrained in our society that true femininity is about likeability? That to be […]