How to Make Real Connections

Real connection doesn’t come from: Number of likes Number of followers Number of hours spent scrolling Real connection is generated in: Conversation Shared experiences Feeling heard and understood When you invest in real connection you’re restored and refueled. Anything you’d add? Cyber safe hugs, AmyK I invite you to learn more. Join us at […]

My vices revealed

Coffee. Cocktails. Conversation. AKA: vices. Like a toddler with a toy who won’t let go, I’m fond of all three. I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee. I love a perfectly blended martini or a good glass of bubbly. I love meaningful conversation & connection. How ‘bout you? Any vices? Cyber safe hugs, AmyK […]

A place for uplifting conversation

Do you love sippin’ your favorite cocktail or glass of wine while connecting with a dear girlfriend?! Me too! And even in this crazy pandemic, Zoom Happy Hours are helping me stay connected. Raise your hand if you’re in the mood for a fun cocktail & conversation! Let me know what you’re sipping this week […]

Focusing on connection

I spent much of last week really focusing on connection. Time with my guy reminiscing on the highlights of our fabulous travel adventures pre-pandemic. Time with friends, talking about our dreams and plans for 2021. I’ve gotta say I miss being able to connect in-person with all my favorite peeps, but I’m loving and savoring […]

She Gets It Launches Today!

Pop the bubbly! She’s here! I’ve spent the last four months deep in design & creation mode and she’s finally ready for you. Do you remember back in elementary school when you’d spend hours creating glued-on macaroni pictures and you’d feel butterflies in your stomach about gifting them to your parents? That’s me… today. And […]