Fundamental skills of EQ and Emotional Literacy

It’s not always you. Some. People. Are. Taxing. Emotionally. Draining. Good news though – you CAN be empathic without letting them rob you of your mojo. And remember… almost 99% of the time, it’s really NOT about you, it’s a reflection of what’s going on with them. Do you know the 4 fundamental skills of […]

3 questions to help you stop settling for less

I had a raw conversation with a client last week about the subversive nature of mediocrity taking over his business of late. His culture is beginning to erode and he was settling for less than what he was worthy of expecting & requesting. We got into a deep self-leadership conversation on the concept of settling. When […]

How to tap into your emotions

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your emotions could make you wiser beyond measure. Good news! They can. Emotions are gifts. They’re here to teach us. Becoming Emotionally Enlightened, that is, expanding your emotional literacy and your empathic skills, learning how to channel your emotions and work with them – instead of repressing or suppressing them […]

Expand your emotional intelligence

What’s brewin’ this month? Becoming Emotionally Enlightened and Feeling all The Feels Ever have a hard time expressing your emotions? Ever lose your temper with someone who was just plain exasperating? Ever feel a twinge of envy when someone else seemed to be experiencing success so easily, so seamlessly? Ever look at someone you love […]