How to make the new year better

Let’s get realz. The #1 thing to make 2022 different – and waaay better – is a wiser YOU. Truth. Every day is a chance to wake up and “get it” a little more. Get more certain and confident about your next decisions. Get more of what you want with less stress & greater ease. […]

A GREAT Way to Retain Top Talent

Hey, there! AmyK here with a simple & brilliant question to help you retain your top talent after a crazy nineteen months. What does your workforce need in order to feel loyal and operate at a sustained level of high-performance? Watch this video to find out. Hugs, AmyK Investing in and retaining top talent is […]

What it means to be whole

Superheroes need to sleep. Planes need to land. Cars need to refuel or recharge. So do you. Imagine, taking the time and space to give yourself the gift of wholeness and peace. My Mastermind Program, She Gets It starts September 14th. Why should you join? Because it’s all about the most important conversations you can […]

3 great questions to encourage you to take a risk

Hey, there! AmyK here! I’m in the middle of a huge move, and I came across 3 questions that I tore out of a magazine years ago. They are great questions for encouraging us to step out and take a risk, even when it’s easier to avoid the discomfort. Watch this quick video for some […]

2 Facts Every Biz Leader Needs to Know

Two facts every business leader needs to know in 2021. #1. Companies with women leaders significantly increase net margins.* * Leadership Research Institute * Peterson Institute for International Economics * McKinsey #2. Firms with higher percentages of women leaders and managers are more innovative.* * Accenture * Global Leadership Forecast 2018 * Southern Denmark University […]

Great Tips for HOW to Take Your Power Back

In this video I’m sharing the 4 drivers that can sabotage your success if not addressed, and the Jiu Jitsu technique of detachment so you can own your personal power. Emotional Intelligence is the #1 differentiator between good leaders and brilliant ones and the Self-leadership technique I share in this video is oh-so helpful! I […]