How to Protect Your Mental Health: 2 Magical Phrases for Taking Your Power Back

2 Magical Phrases for Taking Your Power Back

I was coaching a woman a few weeks ago who was suffering. She was overwhelmed by the demands of her job, the headlines on her phone, the under-developed brain of her sixteen-year-old daughter, and she was just about to dive into another toxic situation when I shared two Magical Phrases. She immediately started laughing AND […]

Lean into your emotions

Where and or with whom can you safely complain/ vent/ expunge/ process your emotions in a supported and healthy manner? If you have no place, or want to improve your supportive resources, how might you create a sacred space [with friend[s], a support group, partner, therapist, etcetera] that allows you to be truly seen, heard […]

Tell yourself stories that help you

We’re wired to love a good story. From the initial hook to the happy or surprise ending, we love to hear about conflict and triumph. And when the ending is sad our hearts hurt. We share national stories. We share family stories. We share personal stories. Sometimes, they’re a single sentence: Wedding dress, never worn. […]

Why we should identify our emotions

Feeling a wide spectrum of emotions lately? You’re not alone. Identifying EACH emotion helps you fully process what you’re experiencing so you can move through it rather than repress it. To honoring your human experience. All of it. Hugs, AmyK