1 Great Tip to Avoid Overreacting

1 Great Tip to Avoid Overreacting

A few weeks ago a dear girlfriend shared she’d overreacted. Then it was my turn. Then it was a Client’s. If you’ve been a little “sensitive” lately or you’ve overreacted, I highly encourage you to press play. To being your best Self, you lovely, gorgeous Goddess! Hugs, AmyK     Need an upbeat, energetic Speaker […]

How to Prioritize You: 2 Ideas for the Good Kind of Selfish

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and I’m sharing two quick tips, reminders, perspectives, kicks-in-the-pants – whatever phrase you need me to say to make these items sticky. Prioritize YOU first… every month. Every day. Tip #1 – Monthly: First, let’s get realz. As much as I’d like to say, “Before you slot in the […]

Reasons Why You Should Love Yourself

Hello, Luv! Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re single or couple’d up, off the dating scene, or on the lookout, let’s have a for-realz loving moment – just between you and me. The best, very best gift you’ll ever receive on Valentine’s Day is the love and acceptance you give yourself. Full stop. Loving yourself is […]

Choose to show up for yourself daily

My heart is full today. As our kitchens fill with great smells over this long Thanksgiving holiday in the USA, I encourage all of you, no matter where you reside in the world, to take a look around and savor the blessings you have. It’s been a tough two years for the majority of us […]

The healing power of the Arts

Some of the most beautiful songs, paintings, photographs and performances are born from heartache.   The Arts help us heal.   The Arts channel our emotions and allow us to express our inner state in ways that we cannot share otherwise.   Today, if your heart is heavy, if the weight of the world is resting […]

How to be the best “me” you can be

We’re sippin’ as we connect with “sass” this month! Eartha Kitt once said, “I have never yearned to stay young, but rather to stay me. The me committed to embracing her uniqueness. The me who feels no shame in championing and cherishing herself. The me who accepts aging as a natural process, not a disease, […]

Why you should continue learning about yourself

Drop a unicorn emoji below if any of the below is important to you: Creating happiness and peace Honoring the worth of your own voice Taking time to tune out the world Reflecting on your life while sippin’ a cup of tea, coffee, wine or a cocktail. I see your unicorns! Me too! In fact […]

How might you set better boundaries?

We’re toasting to boundaries this month! How might your life change if you were more confident with respect to setting boundaries? Boundaries affect every aspect of our lives. From our physical body and personal space to our beliefs and opinions, emotions, time, energy, sexuality, property, possessions, to our ethics and values. But sometimes it’s not […]

How to set boundaries with yourself

Saying “no” and “yes” to yourself is just as important as saying “no” and “yes” to others. Setting boundaries includes internal boundaries and how we manage the relationship we have with ourselves. Managing our time, energy, thoughts, emotions, behaviors, personal goals and commitments requires us to set limits and self-discipline ourselves. When we prioritize self-care […]