Why You Should Embrace Your Scars

I use to bury my scars. Also known as past hurts, wounds, major life hiccups. If I didn’t talk about them – then technically – they didn’t really exist. Until someone else would bring them up. Out of the blue. As a joke. As a moment of reflection. It always unnerved me. Someone else talking […]

Reasons Why You Should Love Yourself

Hello, Luv! Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re single or couple’d up, off the dating scene, or on the lookout, let’s have a for-realz loving moment – just between you and me. The best, very best gift you’ll ever receive on Valentine’s Day is the love and acceptance you give yourself. Full stop. Loving yourself is […]

How to have self compassion in the dark of night

Sometimes, the feelings we avoided last year, last month, last week or yesterday, come bubbling up to the surface in the quiet hours of the night. They knock on our hearts and minds, demanding to be greeted. Sometimes, we are so hard on ourselves we let these feelings take over. Sometimes, we get so scared […]