How to Own Your Personal Power

Own your power

Today I want to share a super cool technique I use to uncover underlying drivers that can sabotage your success if not addressed. Recall a time you … Lost your temper Gave away too much energy to something icky that happened – so much so, you couldn’t stop the replay of events Felt like a […]

How to Change Your Frustration Into Harmony

Fully processing your frustration so you can find your way back to inner harmony.

Three weeks ago I was biting my tongue so hard it literally bled. Then I salved it with gin. 😉 While y’all know I’m a huge fan of the motto, “Not me circus, not me monkeys,” some moments require a level of patience beyond one’s current capacity. Hence, the blood. And gin. Did I mention […]

How to Prioritize You: 2 Ideas for the Good Kind of Selfish

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and I’m sharing two quick tips, reminders, perspectives, kicks-in-the-pants – whatever phrase you need me to say to make these items sticky. Prioritize YOU first… every month. Every day. Tip #1 – Monthly: First, let’s get realz. As much as I’d like to say, “Before you slot in the […]

How to Handle Life Challenges: Growth is Not a Punishment

I was coaching a woman last month when she said, “I could use a break from life’s lessons.” I get it. I know you get it too. Sometimes it feels like the Universe is pummeling us with her lessons, and we just need a moment of reprieve. A moment to breathe. Been there! For some […]

How to Deal with Difficult People: 2 Choices When You’ve Reached Your Limit

As y’all know, it’s Stress Awareness month so I want to share something useful & practical for helping you reduce your stress. Especially as it relates to the stress caused by another human. I was recently coaching a biz owner when the conversation shifted from professional to personal. Her teenage son was making some poor […]

1 Strategy for Dealing with Envy

Ever experience a skosh of envy? You’re sooo not alone. Envy is a natural feeling as a part of our human design. When integrated in a healthy manner it propels us forward. It can be a driver toward goals and help us expand our capacity & potential– a big component of Self-leadership. Envy is not […]

2 Magical Phrases for Difficult Conversations

My mind was blown away last night. Seriously. Poof. ? I fell into the internet vortex b/c sleep eluded me. I was peacefully scrolling through reels when I saw this woman folding a fitted sheet. So PERFECTLY. Her skill made me click WATCH AGAIN. I was dumbfounded at how easily and precisely she did it. […]

Situations That Change the Way You Think

Hey, there! AmyK here. Life is full of unexpected mini-moments that become mega-magical. These moments open us up to flashes of insight, new ways of seeing things and new ways of being. For me, some of these moments have come from living with teenage girls, from teaching in Shanghai to quitting a job. Some of […]

When Women Are The Storytellers

Writers, theologians, professors and historians have often said history is a list or a study in surprises. What’s not surprising is that history is recorded by men. Men have told the story of humankind for thousands of years… men have told the story of women. “But when women are the storytellers,” as Elizabeth Lesser writes, […]

Stop settling for mediocrity and ask yourself 3 questions

Hey there, AmyK here! I’m reaching out with a quick public service announcement. Stop settling. It’s the kiss of emotional death. It’s the stuff that dashes dreams. It’s the pernicious betrayal to your spirit that truncates the beauty and possibility of your life. Do I need to go on? Sadly, I do. Just last month […]