The Power of Using Your Voice

Using your voice

What’s burstin’ this month? BOUNDARIES. First, Happy 4th of July to all Americans. AND … no matter where you reside in the world, let’s use today as a reminder to honor your freedom and to use your voice. Your voice is powerful. It impacts the conversation, your relationships, your future. How you use your voice […]

Reasons Why You Should Love Yourself

Hello, Luv! Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re single or couple’d up, off the dating scene, or on the lookout, let’s have a for-realz loving moment – just between you and me. The best, very best gift you’ll ever receive on Valentine’s Day is the love and acceptance you give yourself. Full stop. Loving yourself is […]

Stop settling for mediocrity and ask yourself 3 questions

Hey there, AmyK here! I’m reaching out with a quick public service announcement. Stop settling. It’s the kiss of emotional death. It’s the stuff that dashes dreams. It’s the pernicious betrayal to your spirit that truncates the beauty and possibility of your life. Do I need to go on? Sadly, I do. Just last month […]

Where to find understanding, acceptance, respect and love

Pour yourself a cup of coffee, tea, glass of wine or a cocktail and let’s have a quick connect. There’s a lovely rush in our heart when we feel understood. When we feel accepted. When we feel respected. When we feel loved. There’s an even bigger rush when this understanding, acceptance, respect and love comes […]

Why boundary setting is important

Boundaries create order. They protect us. They define and promote our identity. They keep our dignity intact. Boundaries are a highly effective communication skill, and they stem from and fuel a strong sense of self-worth. Ineffective communication of our boundaries leads to: loss of control and order which increases distractions & chaos. Ineffective boundary setting […]