How to Protect Your Mental Health: 2 Magical Phrases for Taking Your Power Back

2 Magical Phrases for Taking Your Power Back

I was coaching a woman a few weeks ago who was suffering. She was overwhelmed by the demands of her job, the headlines on her phone, the under-developed brain of her sixteen-year-old daughter, and she was just about to dive into another toxic situation when I shared two Magical Phrases. She immediately started laughing AND […]

2 Magical Phrases for Difficult Conversations

My mind was blown away last night. Seriously. Poof. ? I fell into the internet vortex b/c sleep eluded me. I was peacefully scrolling through reels when I saw this woman folding a fitted sheet. So PERFECTLY. Her skill made me click WATCH AGAIN. I was dumbfounded at how easily and precisely she did it. […]