Tune out the noise and tune into your body.

Wisdom of the body

This month we’re talking all things intuition. AND OUR CONVERSATIONS ROCKED! Women, we are so so wise. Wiser than we know. I’m still thinking about last week’s conversations in my daily activities today because SO MUCH GREAT…
Strengthen your intuition muscle

Our intuition is like a muscle

Lisa Prosen says, “Our intuition is like a muscle, we must practice listening to it and trusting its wisdom.” How do you strengthen your intuition muscle so peace comes easily? Our next LIVE conversation is this Wednesday, May…
Real women. Real talk. Real truth. Real fun.

Acknowledge your heart wisdom

You were born with intuition, an inner voice, and like many adults with a “practical” education, you’ve learned to dismiss it, discount it or completely ignore it. But it’s an intelligence, a sixth sense, that shouldn’t be ignored. Maybe…