The Importance of Identifying Your Emotions

How to be emotionally enlightened

Emotions can be messy. Sometimes they make us say or do something we regret. Most adults prefer to shy away from even talking about them.

When we deny emotions such as restlessness, irritation, anxiety, depression, pessimism, discouragement or hopelessness unwanted outcomes prevail.

We become sick, we distract ourselves with drugs, alcohol, shopping or other addictive behaviors. We suffer from poor mental health. We lose our cool over the “stupid” stuff.

Feelings such as worry, sadness and anger have been rising around the globe. According to a 2019 world report, these emotions have increased 27% between 2010 and 2018. Imagine where they are now with everything going on in these past few years?!

But…there is a solution. It’s not radical, but it does require effort.

  1. Learn the skills of emotional literacy.
  2. Practice the skills of emotional literacy.

Expanding your emotional literacy helps you create a healthier, more positive, and far more satisfying life.

If anybody ever told you anger is bad, I’m going to debunk that myth and share the questions you can ask yourself the next time you’re angry. And … we’re doing this process for a bunch of emotions such as apathy, boredom, guilt and shame.

Only when we can identify our emotions can we understand the impact they have on our choices, our behaviors, our lives. Only then can we use them in productive and healthy ways.

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