The Signs of True Self Confidence

Are you impressin' or blessin'?

We all know that one person who shows up to impress.

They arrive at a party, a networking event, or unfortunately, they were assigned a seat right next to you, and they start the conversation with, “Let me tell you about all the amazing stuff I own, the companies I’ve bought and sold for billions, the people I fired along the way, my fleet of sports cars, and the hundreds of bottles in my wine cellar.” Well, to be fair, my ears might have perked up a bit about the wine, but my main thought is…

“You must be hurting. Where did your insecurity stem from? Who didn’t love you? Who didn’t include you? Who popped your balloon when you were little?”

When someone shows up in my life with the goal of impressin’ instead of blessin’, my heart sincerely feels heavy for them.

Brilliant leaders understand the importance of humility and connection. They get that their primary responsibility is to be a blessing to those they lead.

And … brilliant Self-leaders know that their sense of Self and confidence doesn’t come from how much stuff they accrue, from external validation, or from feeling the need to impress others.

The next time someone shows up in your life focused on impressin’ instead of blessin’ I encourage you to be the blessing for them. Ask if you can give ‘em a hug. My guess is they could really use some heart to heart connection.



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