The Wardrobe We Wear

Self-leadership class for women - The Wardrobe We Wear

What’s shakin’ this month?!

Everything fashion.

Starting with, when you look in your closet today do you love everything in it?

As Marie Kondo would ask, does every item spark joy, or do you wear 20% of your wardrobe over and over?

How do you think & feel about clothes?

A. I love fashion and everything in my closet.

B. I wear 20% of my wardrobe 80% of the time.

C. Getting dressed is stressful, but I’m ready to get out of my pandemic sweats!

D. Don’t give a flyin’ flip about fashion.

Fashion is a bigger part of our lives, whether you’re into it or not, than you might think.

And… if you’ve ever changed your outfit because it didn’t feel “right,” or you stood in front of a closet full of choices but thought, “I have nothing to wear” then you know there’s a whole psychology to clothes as well.

This month we’re delving into the topic: The Wardrobe We Wear.

We’re exploring how clothes have the capacity to influence and reflect who we are, how we feel at any given moment, how we interpret and respond to others – both good and bad – and how the fashion industry as a whole impacts cultures, economies and the environment.

What’s your stance on the current wardrobe you’re wearing?

Join us on Wed, April 20th at 8am PDT and ignite your thinking about clothes-ology!

Cyber safe hugs,


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