Trust your intuition

Invoking our intuition

What’s brewin’ this month?

Your inner knowing, that’s what. It’s bubbling up from the inside to whisper your truth.

Have you had a hunch lately? Maybe you needed to avoid something or pick up the phone and call a friend?

Each of us possesses a powerful guidance system within us – our intuition. The more we learn to listen to it and use it, the more confident we become in its ability to support us and help us walk on our own unique path.

It may seem mystical, magical, elusive, something reserved for fortune-tellers, but intuition is one of your greatest gifts. It’s an inner wisdom that is always on your side.

This month we’re exploring the topic: Invoking Our Intuition.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you listen to and trust YOUR intuition?

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