When You Think You’re Right But You’re Not

I’m back on the road — traveling for work again — which reminded me of this hilarious and poignant story!

Watch here.



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As Cheri shared …

“AmyK’s presentation was one of the best closing keynotes we’ve had at an MBA conference.
The evaluations from some of the attendees say it all –

• Amazing!!!
• Learned a lot about myself through AmyK!
• Love AmyK! Her energy and passion were extremely MOTIVATING!
• Very inspiring and great tools I’m excited to share with my institution.

I appreciate her taking time before the conference to fully understand the needs & expectations of our attendees.  So great to work with!  Looking forward to future events featuring AmyK!”

– Cheri Messerli, Vice President, Director of Education, Missouri Bankers Association

Thanks, Cheri! It was a true joy to partner and get everyone’s brains buzzin’!


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