Where in your life are you feeling disconnected?

Conversations for connection

Yesterday, I woke up and felt disconnected. Disconnected from myself, disconnected from others.

I’ve discovered that when this feeling washes over me, the best way to deal with it is to dive into it rather than repress it.

I ask myself:

Where in my life, specifically, or with whom, am I feeling disconnected?

How am I feeling disconnected? As in, am I feeling unloved, left out, ignored, misunderstood?

Once I get clear on the root disconnection, then it’s so much easier to answer the third and most important question:

What do I want or need right now to feel restored? As in, what needs to happen?

Reconnection happens when we get clarity around what we truly need & desire and then take action to manifest it.

I sincerely believe that connection leads to greater renewal & restoration.

Cyber safe hugs,

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